Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chairs, Chickens, and Circles of Life

Our poor boys will grow up thinking it is completely normal to keep wingback chairs in various stages of undress in the middle of the kitchen.  Michael set a goal of August 20th for the grey chair.  Then I'll need to hop right on the blue-green chair, or it just won't be happening until maybe 2017.  After the three chairs, I only have two furniture projects left before I start in on Christmas presents. (Please think of me kindly when I uttered those last few words.  I will be 39 weeks pregnant at Christmas.  Presents just won't happen unless I start early this year.  Or I'll be buying incredibly inappropriate gifts like compression stockings and postpartum pads for everyone on my list.)

I got a little inspiration a few days ago from this post.  (Confession: I'm looking at making some rugs for around the house...Because I obviously need some more hobbies.) I was initially thinking of getting a new glider for when the baby comes, but both Michael and I prefer the idea of a bit of an oversized chair.

My mom found this little green end table on the side of the road.  It's seen better days, which you can't really see in the picture...but she thought it reminded her of a project I would take on.  We agreed.   A little sanding, some paint, and some new hardware, and she'll be as good as new.  The dresser, I mean.

Our squash plants are doing very well.  I'm so pleased.  Michael goes out and counts the pollinated squash blossoms each day.  

In chicken news, there is a concern that one of our hens may actually be a rooster.  Shhhh.  It's not legal here in town.  And we're still in the confirmation process, since the chickens are in the tweenage-developmental phase.  I guess we may be giving the educational talk again about the circle of life that moves our chicks through despair and hope, and onto the dinner plate....

And lastly on a gender identity note, we'll be finding out what gender the baby is next week.  I'm chomping at the bit a little, since it's nearing the end of garage sale season, and if we find out that it's a female (all three guys are hoping for a Jubilee), I'll need to hit some garage sales up.  

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