Wednesday, June 25, 2014

In Between the Blog Posts: What Really Happens

Blogging has taken a hit lately.  Because life...happens.
So I thought I'd share a bit that hasn't made it to the blog-world.
Nothing overly dramatic or earth-shattering, so if you're not in the mood for a newsy bit, move on out and click away.
Today seemed like a perfect day to teach Million to make bread the cheater way (dough in bread machine, then baked in oven.)
He learned well.
And I've consumed more bread than I ought to have today.

Other new culinary adventures I've been having:
-homemade buffalo sauce (fantastic! until I found out that Franks Hot Sauce has bad stuff in it...back to the drawing board after I finish off the two more bottles of Franks that I have in the pantry.)
-homemade ranch mix
-homemade MSG-free chicken bouillon (so great.  just not fun to inhale when you're mixing it. secret ingredient: nutritional yeast.)

I recalculated our debt-payoff date/France move date, and it's in just two years, unless we hit either a major windfall or a major financial catastrophe.  So we're pinching in the budget in any way we can. I've been experimenting with couponing and freezer cooking.  Nothing exciting to report.  I've saved about $40 in two weeks with coupons and coupon apps, but I'm not a person who will go out and get anything just because I have a coupon for it.

Michael and I have also been doing a "bootcamp" workout for the last five days with a workout that specifically focuses on arm muscles.  It hurts.  But we only have five more days left.  We've also been rewarding ourselves with episodes from season 3 of 24 after we workout.  Because we haven't had television in seven years.  So we have some catching up to do on 24.  Thankfully it's free on amazon prime.

I'm also in full-out dork mode and have a "Mama's Healthy Choices" chart on the fridge, where I document seven healthy choices I've elected to pursue more wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, I haven't made it through a day yet where I've made all seven healthy choices.  It seems like I can either do green smoothies or my "required" 72 ounces of water intake.  I haven't successfully done both in a day yet.  Because 72 ounces?  I swim.  And look for every public restroom.  I just can't add another beverage on top of that.

That being said, between all that, gardening, chicken-ing, and house construction, along with homeschooling and raising the two boys, we're happily kept occupied.  But we still find a lot of time to just play as a family.  Which is how I imagined life.

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