Thursday, May 15, 2014

I'm coming along on my blanket/afghan.  Just have some topstitching to do tonight, and then on to the crocheting part.  Can't wait to share the finished results with you all.

We lost one chick a few mornings ago.  It was one that arrived with a large gash on her head, so we were prepared for her departure.  Down to ten.  I should probably take more photos, but due to their being under a red heat lamp, the pictures I took tend to make them look a little freakish.

These two posts from this week have me thinking.

Raising Self-Governed Children
Are Christians Addicted to Mediocrity: A Self-Governed Self-Image

In order for me to call out excellence in my children, I need to call it forth in myself too.  I need to do the best that I can in every area of life---not just settle for what culture deems as appropriate.

I'm not certain what that means in everyday life.  I know it is taking root in my heart as a conviction over some wasted moments when I give myself permission to "escape."  I know this ideal is also taking the form of conviction over the words I use and the image I portray.

That's all for now.  I have a Bonnie Prince that wants out of his crib.

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