Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Thoughts

Flowers from my sister.  I love flowers.
I remember a long time ago, on our (now hidden) adoption blog, I wrote a post Easter and about how I was glad that Easter wasn't just palliative.  At that stage in my life, I was working on a daily basis with patients with recurrent cancer, who often only had palliative measures available to them.  I was rejoicing that Jesus overcame the power of sin and of death and that He provided/will provide complete healing.

You know what I'm glad for this Easter?  (Doubt I'll get another chance to post before then...)
I'm glad for joy.
Easter is the most beautiful expression of joy.
If you think about stories when the protagonist struggles throughout the entire story and then finally conquers his foe, climbs his mountain, wins the battle...he looks out at the scenery (sometimes beautiful, sometimes bloody) around him, and the realization of his triumph hits him.
Think about the joy that must have radiated from Jesus when he triumphed over sin and death and rose again.

Happy Easter.  He is risen.

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