Monday, March 3, 2014

Slathering People With Love When They've Hurt You

My heart has been wincing a lot lately.
Perhaps I'm more sensitive than I used to be. 
It could just be the weather...
But I find myself needing to be more forgiving, more loving, and more peaceable than I remember having been in the past.

We've taught Million many definitions for character qualities that we want him to emulate.  (We used the definitions found in this family devotional, and I made up songs so that he---and I---could remember them better.)

The one that I've been singing over and over again is the definition for peacemaker.  "Being a peacemaker is finding a way to avoid or end a disagreement rather than begin or win it." 

I think this sensitive spirit that has foisted itself upon me lately could be summed up as a spirit who easily takes offense.  Whether it's still an issue of hormonal readjustment (or an issue of too much time on Facebook recently), I don't know.  But I've been slighted many times in the last few weeks after our miscarriage.  I'm certainly hopeful that none of it was intentional, and I'm nearly positive that most of the issuers of the comments don't even realize they're injuring me with their words. 

So in order for me to be a peacemaker, I need to avoid engaging.  Were I to engage, I would only be injuring others by pointing out their insensitivity.  That'd be a really top-notch argument.  "Hey there, you're insensitive."  Not winning any points.  So I need to choose to respond in love. 

When Michael and I used to work together at a Bible camp, the director used to talk about how the verse "love covers a multitude of sins" reminded him of the word "slather."  His mom used to say, "now don't just slather all of the jelly on your bread; your brother needs some too!" 

But I need to slather my love onto those who are hurting me.  Instead of beginning a disagreement, I need to cover over their words that wounded me.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you just needed to slather love one someone when you would rather respond with anger? Share how you handled the situation.  (audience participation points!)

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  1. Hmm. This is along the same vein as what I blogged about today...