Friday, March 7, 2014

Boxes, Flour, Cupcakes

Haircut man.  He was beginning to look like an emo kid trying to grow a mullet

We ground a cup of flour this morning, because I just couldn't wait.
Okay.  Enough pictures already, right?  My blog is suffering because of my novel.  Ah well. 
I made cupcakes today, and I'll be making another batch tonight.  I didn't forget my cupcakes last week---we were just out of baking powder, and I didn't want to run to a store just for that.

So the ones pictured above are a chocolate cupcake with caramel syrup filling, with cocoa cream cheese frosting and chocolate chunks on top.  I tried a lot of new things this time, mainly because my mom and sister will be eating them---and they like chocolate.  So I figured they'd eat it even if the cupcakes were a total bomb.  :)  I'm not quite satisfied with the frosting...but that's why I'm practicing. 

Tonight's other batch will be my first attempt at paleo cupcakes.  I'm pretty excited about it. 

In my spare time outside of novel writing and whatever-elsing I'm doing, I've been thinking about how popular the issue of "toxins" is lately.  And trying to figure out the scientific reasoning behind ridding your body of toxins.  It's more complex than my mind usually would care to think about, because reading through nutrition and health articles and research takes a lot of discernment, being largely subjective.

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  1. I'm so excited about your comments! And Creedence's haircut looks awesome. :-) And I don't know when you updated your blog design but I love it!