Sunday, July 7, 2013

Treatise on Almond Butter

Gentlemen of the press, I am in serious almond butter withdrawal over here.
I generally eat a teaspoon of almond butter as my "mama snack."
For when the older boy is shrieking and the younger boy is howling, and the house is falling apart.
Times when I need something without sugar and healthy-ish to fend off cravings that would tend towards ruination and despair. 
Because those days sometimes happen.

I've been out of almond butter for five days.

We "camped out" (read: slept in our tent) at Michael's parents' over the weekend for an engagement party and a bridal shower.
One boy is still shrieking like an orc   expressed fatigue, and the other howled like a banshee for 45 minutes was probably overstimulated. 
Then I heard a cracking noise downstairs during the boys' bath, and Michael discovered a plumbing leak.   So I guess you could say our house was falling apart, if large amounts of water in incorrect locations counts... 
And then I found the leftover food in our cooler that was left in the 90-degree heated car.  Refrigerator biscuit containers burst at high temperatures, just in case you were wondering.  And I was planning on being all cutesy and mothery and making campfire donuts for my boys.  Didn't happen.  I just ended up cleaning fermented dough out of piles of citrus juices from over-cooked oranges.  Bottle up that smell and save it for a rainy day.  Whew. 

It would have been a teaspoon and a half mama snack moment---maybe even a tablespoon, when I consider the mess I will have to clean up to keep our house market-ready and presentable for any potential buyers.  I really should have had Michael pick some up when he went into town to get plumbing supplies.

Fortunately, Tuesday is my grocery shopping day.
I will be stopping at our food co-op probably the moment that it opens.  And walking straight to the almond butter machine.  And grinding up a whole tub.
Because it's necessary.  In times of war and peace, poverty and prosperity, romance and realism.
And because we're actually camping next weekend. 
Not just fake camping.
I might even keep a small container of almond butter in my cooler.  After it is properly cleaned. 

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  1. Whew! What a day for you! When I feel like my classroom is falling apart, it's a good reminder that 'fall apart' can look different but just as horrible elsewhere.