Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Get Children To Eat Vegetables (And Other Inspiring Topics)

I love carrots in the springtime.  I love carrots in the fall.

Oh wait.  That's supposed to be Paris.
That magical place in movies where romance can spawn from mold cultures.
But I've never been there. 
And it's not looking likely, either.
And frankly, I have other places that are on my "bucket list" before Paris.
So today, we've got carrots.

Creedence just had his first carrot baby food this morning and absolutely loved it.  Due to some doctor's orders, he's had to begin solid foods a tad bit earlier to beef him up.  He's just a wee little bairn. 

I was going to post a tutorial on how to make baby food.  But then I remembered the demographic of folk who actually READ this blog would be bored incredibly.  Heck, most of you INVENTED homemade baby food.  :)

So I'm not going to share that, but I will share a sneaky trick I learned from a chef in Ethiopia.  A lot of the parents when they brought their kids to the guest house we stayed in were shocked to see their ascribed "picky eaters" (even their kids who had been in America for years) just downing plates of vegetables.  I watched the chef make the vegetables one night, and I learned his secret ingredient.

Vegetable boullion.

I'm not even kidding you.

While we never had any problems with Million liking vegetables (if someone has any hints about getting him to swallow meat, however, please let me know!), I thought it'd be good to find a vegetable bouillion that we could use as a family for seasoning every now and then.  But we don't do MSG, because it doesn't agree with me.  So I found Rapunzel's Vegan Vegetable Bouillon with sea salt and herbs (sometimes we do the no-salt added variety). 

Today, for Creedence's baby food, I just made up one cube of bouillon and cooked a LARGE amount of carrots for awhile. 
I really should get paid for this advertisement.
Before I food drained and processed the carrots for Creedence, I gave Million a bowl full of cooked carrots, and he downed them in under a minute.  And asked for more.  (Eating them is not unusual for my veggie lover... Asking for more in lieu of playtime was, however.)

This bouillon also works great (per Michael) as a replacement for MSG-filled Ramen packets.  You can still use the noodles, but just make your own seasoning.  

And here's the part where I should have placed a picture of my carrotinized baby. 
But he's actually a pretty clean eater so far, so you would have had to squint to find the carrot muck lodged up his nose.
And that would ruin the effect of the cute picture.  Because you'd be focusing so hard on trying to find the carrots.
And you have better things to be doing.  Obviously.

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