Monday, May 6, 2013

About That Holiday Coming Up

Quiet time.
For maybe 15 minutes.

Right now we're recovering from months of busyness.
We have some big decisions (not public ones, yet) around the corner.
We're beginning some new lifestyle changes.

And I've got Ethiopia on my heart.
Mother's Day is right around the corner.
Someone reminded me of that a few days ago when he asked what I wanted...
I had forgotten.

It seems that Mother's Day will always be one of those broken celebrations for me.
My heart will always ache for those who are waiting.  Those who have lost.  Those who have given. Those who grew up without mothers. Those whose mothers were abusive.

There are so many people in this world that have their own reasons for having a broken Mother's Day. 

When asked what I want for Mother's Day this year, the only thing that came to mind is that I would want a very dear family member to be able to experience motherhood.  I would want this person not to have to go through days, weeks, and months more of waiting or pain.  Motherhood (especially of a child with a past trauma) is the hardest and most stretching experience I have ever had.  But it's also had some of the most profound moments of beauty amidst the brokenness.

So no, I wouldn't want a spice mix or a pansy in a flowerpot this year.  I would just want my God to heal, protect, and guard the hearts of the mothers (and children) around who are having broken Mother's Days.

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