Monday, March 25, 2013

He's Just Not Here Right Now

We spent a glorious weekend with my brother and his wife in Northwest Iowa.
I love spending time with my family, and the boys do too---although Creedence was pretty crabby the whole weekend.  (They graciously tolerated him...) I plan to post a little bit tomorrow when I can devote more happy thought to how wonderfully they hosted us (and the good food they served...)

I'm ready for spring weather, although much of this spring is devoted to my little sister's wedding...
Any chance to get out of doors would be gladly appreciated.

I have some sad (for me) news, and I think the less time I devote to thinking about how to write it out, the better.  BonAmi will soon be leaving our family.  He is a very high energy, nervous/skittish dog, even at almost 7 years old.  He did well when Million came home, and they were actually fast friends.  But when Creedence joined our family, BonAmi started to show some signs of aggression and refuses to obey me at all.  Right now, it's not fair to ask BonAmi, a dog with a nervous personality, who was alone with his owners for four years, to contend with a jealous/misbehaving preschooler and an infant who cries frequently.  It's also not fair to ask the kids to have their mama frequently scolding a dog who growls and raises his fur at her and occasionally them.

I love this dog.  I am an animal lover in my heart of hearts.  I seriously won't be able to read dog books or watch any dog movies for several years.
Giving him away will be a hard thing....and even more so, when we try to think of how to explain it to Million.
Right now, we're planning to say "BonAmi is just not here right now."

Currently, our shelter doesn't have any openings.  And I'm not about to give a skittish black dog who looks slightly like a pit to our pound, because they euthanize pets that aren't adopted in a certain time frame.  So we're waiting.  Any day might be the last day with our dog.

We both love dogs.  We will get another dog some day.  Maybe in six or seven years, depending on where we are in life.

So there's that.  Happy Monday, all.  

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