Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Broken Down.

And the laptop I used to blog on is broken.
Not sure how often posts will happen now, since they happened few and far between during naps before.  Now that the laptop is broken, I have to do all of my "office work" downstairs in the kitchen.

My younger sister is getting married in early May.  
We have our first craft fair next weekend. 
Creedence has learned how to roll from his back to his front (when significantly angered...)  He is also beginning to babble and wants to be sitting or standing supported all.of.the.time.  No lying down on the job for him!
Million just watched Milo & Otis for the first time.  (Jeepers.  Forgot how "earthy" that film is...Fortunately, he wasn't intently focused during most of the animal birthing scenes.) He's also got about seven letters by sight recognition, and about three that he can consistently write.  He also, without any coaxing from me, is beginning to color in more predictable patterns and name what he's coloring.  He's been memorizing basic poems...mostly silly ones by Lewis Carroll or Jack Prelutzky.  He doesn't quite understand Shel Silverstein's humor yet.  

And there are things that I'm choosing not to post about right now, intentionally, in order to protect the less-than-innocent....lest you think that our lives are filled with bubbles and butterflies (or I guess, in the boyish world I'm abiding in, mudpies and cookies might be more appropriate).  

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