Monday, January 14, 2013

the business of being in business

It's one of those days where my to-do list is long.
And my want-to-write list is also long.
This was going to be a post about our business.
But it might end up just being a paragraph about busyness, depending on if I can get boy number two back to sleep or not.
It's one of those rare seasons of life where busyness is actually healthy and therapeutic.
My creativity took the last three months off.
And it came back in full force on Saturday.
Glory be.  My mind is exploding, leaving creative shrapnel the form of a to-do list.
And it's fun.
It's fun having adult ideas...and ideas that don't reek with self-pity.  (It was what Michael termed a "hellacious" week last week.)

I really haven't posted much about our business on here.  I like to keep it a separate entity and enjoy feeling like I'm not a salesperson... It's an interesting paradigm----to want to simplify our lives and free ourselves from materialism and at the same time making things and preying on impulse shoppers and convincing people that they really do want or need our items.

Can't say I've wrapped my head around that one yet.

Our business has moved past the point of being a fun project to the point of being a business.

I'll be extra-honest.  With only Million in the house, I was able to devote a lot more time to being in business (and blogging for that matter.)  He still takes approximately two-hour naps, so I had 14 predictable hours in a week for work on marketing, budgeting, documenting, photography, customer service, etc.  Now with two children, one of whom doesn't have a predictable nap schedule yet and one who is testing boundaries, I don't have a built-in two hours every day.  Michael has been taking a whole lot of my responsibility on his shoulders. And I appreciate him for it.

But we have some newer hurdles to leap over in our business.  Good hurdles.  Hurdles that will pay well.
I am so pleased that God has chosen to bless this side venture.  However, it is also incredibly intimidating when I'm confronted with the responsibilities that are before me.  Owning an actual tax-paying, decently functioning business with deadlines is one of those things (like having two kids) that makes me reflect every now and then on my life and have a minor self-identity crisis where I say to myself "Since when am I a grown-up that has to do grown-up things?

 Scary how mature that sounds, right?
Especially in light of my last two posts.  (blush.)

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