Sunday, December 2, 2012

Picture Post

We are surviving as a family of four.  Adjustment is hard, to put it mildly... 
Tomorrow will be my first solo day with the two boys, and I'm dreading it.
We're behind on our orders for our business, and losing "control" in multiple areas of life is very tough for this perfectionist.

At some point, I may get around to posting a very abbreviated and vague post about Creedence's birth.  You see, the end gets a little medically graphic, and I don't really want that out on the internet for the whole world to know.  But for right now, you get photos from our last week. 

After Creedence's birth, right before a lengthy surgery.
First family photo.

My boys.

He is one of the most content babies I've ever met.

First Christmas photo as a family of four.

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  1. I'm a day late- I hope your Monday was survivable. Glad that baby c is happy and content- at least that's one out of four, right?
    Thinking of you- hope that you are sleeping right now!