Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Testimony Of God's Provision On A Very Good Day: Finding Money

I've mentioned that Michael and I are taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University currently.
I really only have positive things to say about how it has helped our marriage and our financial situation.

But today I have VERY positive things to say about it, and how God provided immense amounts of money through it.

We have an adoption bill looming.  Our dossier submission fee has been a heavy rain cloud over our heads the last few months.  I've been dreading December.

You see, because we started an adoption while pregnant, our agency requested that we have our dossier overseas by December.  Which was not our plan.  We had planned February or March, maybe April when we get our tax refund, or whatever. Spreading out the babes a little bit and being a little more financially responsible, what have you.
And I understand their reasoning by all means.  When couples get pregnant, they lose their zeal for paperchasing, (and with fatigue right now, I'm so understanding of this) so agencies have a bunch of inactive "active" couples sitting around that they have to maintain. By setting a deadline, they were ensuring that we were/are serious about adding to our family by adoption.

Financially, we didn't know if we could swing the financing of submitting our dossier two to four months earlier than we planned on, without going into a larger amount of debt than we were comfortable with.

That's why we did a t-shirt fundraiser.  That's why we started several (sometimes very busy) home businesses.

But through watching these financial seminars for the last seven weeks and through doing the "homework" and having weekly financial meetings (biweekly business and biweekly family budget), we had a discussion stirred by our last meeting and realized we had a large sum of money sitting around that we didn't remember (in relation to the time period when I was employed.)

Now it would be too miraculous of a story and a little suspicious sounding to you probably if it had been the "exact amount" we needed to send our dossier over.  It wasn't.  We still have to scrimp a little for the next month and a half.  But it was a very significant amount that (when added to what our crate-building business has produced over the last four months and what was provided through our t-shirt fundraiser) leaves us a "do-able" amount to squeak out of a rice and beans diet before our dossier needs to be submitted.    

You have no idea (or perhaps some of you do) how much financial strain has been lifted from our shoulders. As Michael says "Everything feels lighter." (I might protest, as I'm feeling pretty much like a beached whale today, but emotionally, I'm feeling much more stable and able to look forward to Christmas without wondering if we should even consider buying the boys Christmas presents.)

In summary, we love what Dave Ramsey's class has helped us accomplish so far and look forward to completing the course.
But even more than that, we are grateful that God allowed us to see Him provide for us through this earthly tool.

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