Friday, October 5, 2012

Fine Dining at Our House

Last week I brainstormed 14 things I could do to make each day this pay period a little special for us so that we wouldn't go out of the house just because we're bored.  Yesterday, Michael got to eat copious amounts of cinnamon raisin bread (one of his favorites, conveniently left over from MOPS.)  Tonight I think we're going to eat on fancy dishes and let Million try a little sparkling cranberry juice.  I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction.

Our fine dining will look especially classy, considering Million did not finish his lunch, so he has to eat leftovers for dinner...  (he hates eating meat but needs the iron almost as much as his constantly anemic mama does.)

After all attempts at Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant classiness fail us, our wild Friday night plan includes a trip to Hobby Lobby and our home improvement store.

Michael's designed something incredibly beautiful and a little more complicated for us to sell, so tonight we'll be trying to make some prototypes....while the weather outside gets down to below freezing.   
We're also going to be experimenting with two new colors of stain.  
I love stain.

In other news, I've actually had a little chance to read lately.  I've been reading two of Amanda Blake-Soule's books.  I might be inspired enough to try making a rag rug with some extra fabric I have lying around.  We'll see if that inspiration finds wings and takes flight or not. She's one of those writers that makes me feel incredibly inspired but also incredibly lazy at the same time.  Kind of like most major bloggers nowadays.   
But the words she writes and the pictures she posts are so thought provoking, that they make me pause and say "Hey.  I could do that."  For a moment or two.  

What are your weekend plans, dreams, goals, ambitions, or lack thereof?

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