Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Letter to My Children About Beautiful Things

I went into a department store today to buy a wedding present off of someone's registry.
With Million.

A department store that makes you walk through perfume and jewelry and breakable glass things before you can go upstairs to the bedding and home items.

That was a mental breakdown waiting to happen.

We made it upstairs, however, safely and without many scoldings.

Shopping with children should be left to the pros.

One thing I couldn't help but notice though is how beautifully clean, unchipped, unsmudged, and undamaged everything was in the home section.  It made me a little wistful.  I like beautiful things. But liking beautiful things and affording beautiful things while in the midst of bringing two very different and special children home are on completely different ends of the money-saving spectrum.

Dear children of mine:Mommy may not have classic dishes, any kitchen appliance that hasn't been repaired at least once, a full set of measuring cups, or beautiful bed linens.  But Mommy has you.  Mommy has laughter at her mismatched bathroom towels.  Mommy has (recent) memories of cutting up a holey vintage tablecloth for daddy to use as shop rags.  Mommy and Daddy enjoy life and live it fully and intentionally. 
Mommy and Daddy do like beautiful things, and that is a reflection of their love for God.  God created beauty, and He Himself is beautiful.  But Mommy wants you to know that beauty on earth is marred.  It leaves us wanting more.  And that is intentional.  Because we will not be able to experience true beauty until we see God face to face.  
So while on this earth, appreciation of beauty is fine---unless it leads to covetousness, unkindness, or pride.  Having beautiful possessions is fine, too.  Just remember that possessions are not eternal.  People are.  
I love the beautiful son who is napping in his bed right now, the beautiful son that is growing inside of me, and my beautiful daughter that I won't see for a couple years.  Each of you are uniquely special, and Mommy and Daddy pray for each of you every day.  

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