Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exhibit: Motherhood

There was a unique triptych of minivans in the Target parking lot today.

One brand new minivan held a mom in the back seat, nursing her baby, basking in the glory of new motherhood.

One rusty minivan, a mommy held her son in the front seat while trying not to break down crying during a disciplinary discussion about why it is completely inappropriate to hit or bite mommy.

One immaculate soccer mom minivan, a mom loudly cursed out her children about whining about school supplies.

I present to you everyday motherhood in its multifaceted functionality (or dysfunctionality on some days for every mom, I'm sure.)
It's not like the Hallmark commercials.
It's not like the movies.
It's the most simultaneously frustrating,guilt-inducing, joyous, bittersweet, laughable, embarrassing, high-inducing phase of life I've ever experienced.

And some days I wonder how this all is going to work with two three kids.

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