Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Family Announcement (The One That's Been More Secretive)

I write this post with excitement(!!!) mingled with fear and trembling.

Excitement, because I get to announce that we're growing our family through adoption once again!

Fear and trembling, because the general adoptive online community is no longer a supportive place where you can get away from the accusing questions and statements about adoption and your motives and your choice of age request, gender request, health status, country of origin, etc. etc. etc.

We've begun the homestudy and dossier process to bring a little girl from Ethiopia into our family.  We don't anticipate bringing her home until well after our son is born.  

I will not be blogging as openly about this adoption, in order to protect my heart and our family.  I will not be posting information about the health status of our little girl or offering any justification for our choice other than that we feel the benefits of adopting again for our family and specifically for Million's sake (and our November boy's sake) well outweigh the risks of having our hearts broken with a potential shutdown of the country program.  We are well aware that the Ethiopia process is very fluid and may very well change in drastic ways or shut down completely before our adoption is complete.  It's a risk we are comfortable taking.  We do have "back-up" plans as far as adoption goes, and should that become necessary for country shut-down or ethical reasons, we will pursue those options.

Right now, we're altogether so pleased that God is allowing us the chance to even pursue a second adoption.   We're also excited to add a little girl into the "wild rumpus" of our daily lives, which will certainly be wilder and sillier when her other brother makes his entrance.  To be honest, I'm a tad overwhelmed with finishing up Million's postplacement paperwork, going to pregnancy classes, and starting another paperchase----but it's a beautiful chaos... and Michael is really taking initiative with paperwork and grant applications this time around, which I will absolutely not complain about.

That's it.  Now all of the  family announcements and secrets I've been holding in for months are splayed open, ready for the world to either chide or cheer us on.  Comment away.  


  1. WEEEE HOOOO!!!!! So happy for you all. Step of faith.

  2. Sorry to hear there's been chiding and lack of support! I say Hurray for all of you and what God is doing in your family! Hope that the Aunti's group is at least a place of online support! Blessings to your family...near and far.

  3. I think this is great news! Congratulations :)

  4. Praying for you guys. . . You are such awesome parents to Million. God has called you to adoption and to having your own. He is able and in difficult situations, He shines. I just saw Him through your faith demonstrated in your post. Can't wait to hear more. . . as you feel led to share.