Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Lazy Saturday---And Your Favorite Topic

Should it disturb me that the most google hits I get on this blog are for "plastic panties"?
Does it surprise me?
So all of you plastic panty searchers out there, I just wanted to let you know....last night I was sorting Million's old clothes and I found the plastic panties that we bought for the airplane ride home and used not once at all.  I have three pairs of completely unused plastic panties.  Doesn't that make you all just seethe with envy?

Just trying to keep my stats up by mentioning your favorite topic once again.

In other news, when Michael hasn't been working on-call from home, we've spent the weekend rearranging a whole heap of furniture in our house.  You think it's because we're nesting.  Ha.  It's actually because we're starting a small home-based business and would love to have my old office be an office once again (beautiful tax write off!) instead of a catch-all-the-junk/guest room.   We also spent time organizing boy clothes because apparently we'll be using them again soon, and it would be handy to have them organized.

We do have some fun ambitions of doing a Narnia theme in Million/baby boy's room.  (They will be sharing eventually.)  We've got some grey paint leftover from our kitchen that will gladly lend its service to us, so it's mostly finding matching solid color comforters and some decals and accessories for the room.  I'll try to get pictures of the transformation as it takes place.

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  1. I love the Narnia theme idea! Michael should paint a lamp post on the wall next to the closet! :)