Friday, June 15, 2012

Kids And Food

One thing that I've been really pondering lately is how to intentionally visibly demonstrate and vocalize an enjoyment of healthy food in a balanced way, so that my son gets a good perception of nutrition.  I don't want him to think food is a reward, nor do I want him to be squeamish or picky about what types of foods he eats.  I want him to enjoy food, but I don't want him to have an unhealthy relationship with it.   

It's harder than one might think.  
I've been journaling a lot about it lately, while Million plays uninterrupted outside.  I sit in one of our lawn chairs and contemplate nutritional dilemmas, and as I write about them, I come up with even more questions than answers.

We do many things right.   I think I can put that in print without too much reservation.  At the same time, we fail in so many ways as parents.  There are some days where nutritious just seems so hard.  And we only want easy.  

That's a bad character trait for our son to be witnessing in us so early.  Sigh.  

Intentional parenting is hard parenting.  


  1. I think at this point- and of course what I think is so very nominal... top points to focus on.
    -know your kid first. How often should you be offering food. I have to take that into consideration for obvious reasons.After that....
    -Adults determine the What we eat and When we eat. He gets to determine if and how much. This helps him learn to self regulate and that YOU will always provide.
    -Keep staples of go to's and also varietys. Even of things you wouldn't otherwise consider. Shapes, colors. i.e kiwi, starfruit, spinach but again keep in mind- he decides if and how muhc

  2. sorry touch pad is screwy. I mean to say that at this point its developing a healthy relationship with food. He is watching ou more than you think. Do you eat when visibly stressed, tv wtc eing, driving etc.

    re excercise. it's all play at this point. even yoga. all about play

  3. I say a big 'Amen' to the statement that "intentional parenting is hard parenting". I think that most kids do go through stages in their eating habits. Stages that may just simply be unavoidable, when they will only eat one kind of fruit, or pb&j sandwiches for every meal. And having gone through those stages, I can say that they will survive. At least mine all did! I think that if you just simply live what you are trying to teach him, he will eventually learn it from you. Children learn far more from what they see than what they hear.
    And balance is a good thing. Instead of forbidding sweets, I say to allow them every so often. If you completely forbid something, it makes them want it even more! Dont we all do that?
    You are such a good Mama. :)