Monday, May 28, 2012

A Weekend For Animals

Some weekends, I'm utterly amazed at the burden that has been placed on me.  I have the privilege and responsibility of teaching my son about the wonder's of this marvelous creation.

On a related note, I feel so utterly incapable teaching zoology, ornithology, botany, ichthyology, (and many of the other ologies).  If you know of any field guides that have been tremendously interesting to you, I'd appreciate a comment with the titles.

I'm looking for a basic adult book about insects that would be found in North America.
I'm also looking for a wildflower/weed guide for North America, a bird book specifically for Midwestern America, an amphibian and reptilian guide for North America, and a small rodent guide for North America.

We need to start in our back yard before we can even move onto the rest of the world.  

1 comment:

  1. Not exactly what you requested- but fun nonetheless. We got this 'field guide' at an audobon center. if you search 'signs tracks scat' on amazon you'll come up with some 'adult' versions. Tracks, Scats and Signs (Take Along Guides) [Paperback] Leslie Dendy.

    We also have the "what's in the pond" and "what's under the log" books. Those are fun.
    You can't go wrong with the National Audobon Society's books. They have the regional bird books and also the Insects and Spiders of North America ones.