Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's working for us?

Claudia has challenged her readers to write about things that are "working" for them.
It's tempting to just blog about problems (or not blog at all....woops!), but this intentional focus on positives is a good challenge.

There are a few things working for us right now---not many that are really blog-worthy.
Hard-boiled eggs for lunch and a lot of meals with beans (to get the toddler to eat some/any protein or iron) isn't exactly my idea of an intellectually stimulating blog post.
Whom am I kidding?
Are my blog posts ever intellectually stimulating?

Allowing Michael and Million to dance 43x in a row to Supercalifragilisticexpialadocius on youtube works well to give me a little alone time.  How else do you think I've gotten this far in writing out this post?

Here's something new from this week.  It's working so far.

This was the first night Million played with "game," as he calls it.
He has gotten much quicker about matching pairs and declaring different shape names in the three days we've played with this game.
My hope is to eventually move to a more "Memory" type of game, but this is working for now.

This recipe from Smitten Kitchen is really working for me.  In not-so-healthful ways, unless you can count the copious amount of mustard I eat with them.  Mustard is healthy, right?

I was thinking today that in general, most recipes from Smitten Kitchen work for me.  If it were a war between Smitten Kitchen and Pioneer Woman, 97% of the time, Smitten Kitchen would win, in my book.  I just don't stock up enough butter in my fridge to firmly declare that Pioneer Woman works for me.  He he.

Going to the playground a lot works for us.   The days that are too cold to go outside are miserable days, to put it mildly.  He usually ends up going to bed earlier and waking up much earlier the next day, (which does not, I must say a little more emphatically---NOT---work for me.)

Allowing him to play on the "big kid" equipment without showing too much mommy fear (he could fall off any number of ledges!) is also working.

If you're wondering what Million was saying,(as I was while he was saying it), he was saying "Lippity lippity Peter Fast" from The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter.  He'd never said it before then, so I was a little confused.  


  1. Oh my goodness. this post and video bring back so many memories. So so so many. Enjoy. If I could do it all over again- i'd have smoothed my edges and enjoyed it all more. peace girl! Playgrounds do rock!

  2. Oh, are you just DYING for the smitten kitchen book to come out? I just cannot WAIT!!! Love that blog so much. Hands down my favourite food blog on the whole of the internet.

    Very impressed by all your learning, by the way!!