Sunday, April 29, 2012

To My Son On His 2nd Birthday

To my son on his 2nd birthday:

Each and every day, you bring a new delight to me.
Whether it's sneaking up on you and finding you reading books or hearing you call our garden "the secret garden," you bring joy to my heart.
Hearing you say "I love you sweetie peetie" to your daddy on the phone makes us both laugh.
God knew what He was doing when He placed you with us.
You, a sanguine and perfectly contented child with a melancholic mother whose eyes are more often turned to the future than the present.
You're teaching me to focus on the little moments, the new achievements each day, and to be grateful for the seconds we're given.
We are already seeing glimpses of what you'll be like when you're older.
We're praying for you as you learn and grow and achieve and build.
We're praying that your capabilities will exceed your imagination and that you will learn to dream big.
We're also praying that you fail in small ways so that you don't have to fail in great ways later on.
We're praying that you learn to own up to mistakes, to admit to failure.
We're praying that you can learn moral and ethical and general life principles now while you're young so that you have a strong understanding of them later to build your logic and your wisdom upon.
We're praying that you will continue to be the man of prayer, concerned for your fellow man, that you are now.
We're praying that you continue your love affair with both literature and music, for they open pathways into magical imaginary worlds.
We're also praying for your perception of us, that we model a healthy marriage, a love for Christ, and generous and principled lives.
We're praying that you will seek out healthy relationships with Godly older men who can be safe role models for you.
We're praying for your Ethiopia family.
We're praying that you will grow to be a man with your identity firmly fixed in what you know yourself to be and in what Christ says you are----and not tempered by what your fellow humans claim you to be.
We love you little man and can't wait to grow with you.

Mama and Daddy

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  1. Tears!
    Thank you, Heather, for your heart-felt prayers for Million. You challenge me to be a more prayerful and intentional aunt and, someday, mother.