Friday, March 2, 2012

Six-Month Visit

Our six-month post-placement visit last week went well.
Every time we get a "you're doing a great job! heck yeah!" from our agency, it feels like grace.
Every time we get that stamp of approval, I feel like crying (and many times do as soon as our lovely social worker leaves.)
How far I've come from the opinionated girl four years ago who told a social worker what I knew and what I wanted.
How far I've come from the bitter girl, three years ago who parted ways angrily with that social worker and agency.
May I go on many more life-changing journeys.
May my character not be permanently rigidly fixed.
May there be molding and shaping.

Thanking God for His marvelous grace to us today.
Thanking Him that His grace is not contingent on how I parent, what deeds I do or do not do, whether or not I'm grateful for situations and blessings that come my way.
Thanking Him that His love is not conditional.
Grateful that because of Him, I can at least TRY to be the kind of person who deserves a stamp of approval from an adoption agency.
Knowing full well, how absolutely undeserving I am of the gifts He gives.

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