Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinteresting: A Craft And A Household Hint

I made these yarn-covered bottles, because of some inspiration I saw on Pinterest.  I added a felt flower that Michael helped me make during our Christmas crafting.

The following is a picture I took of our green onion stems placed in a glass of water in the sunlight.  According to a pin that linked to this website, you can grow green onions almost indefinitely.  And guess what?  They do grow in a glass of water.  I've got just the teeniest bit of green growth starting to show.

For a peek into one of my more ambitious projects I have in mind for this year, look at this anthropologie-inspired tutorial.  We have two armchairs that I've been longing to reupholster for a while, and that tutorial series just might give me the "oompah down my pants" required to do it.
Coach Z reference, sorry.

I read a book this past winter that had a chapter in it about how using silk flowers in your decorating doesn't teach children about nature and wildlife and blah-de-blah-blah-blah you're going to ruin your child forever.  So I've decided to try to at least incorporate more "natural" things that used to be alive at one point into my decorating.  Hence, my basket of clementines and my twigs in the first picture in this post.

and because the Bears are my team, and my uncle sent Million a Bears hat...

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  1. Oof....I think he'd be much happier in green & gold!