Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Insights While Driving In Car With Toddler

  • I used to strive for originality, but now I'm just exactly like the 8 million other women who have fallen in love with the yellow and grey color combo.
  • I am too old to blame my parents for not instilling an appreciation for such and such or the virtue such and such in me.  I should be instilling appreciations and virtues in myself by now.
  • Craft stores and produce sections fill a void of color-deprivation in my heart. 
  • I'm not sure Michael would go crazy for embroidery hoop art above our bed.  But it would look pretty.  And the design I have for a cast iron sculpture is likely not going to ever become reality.
  • My siblings tell my son much more than they realize. "Auntie A says to respect Mama."  "Uncle M says obey your parents."  "Auntie H likes it when you have a good attitude."  "Auntie H says treat books carefully."  It's helpful to know that while my siblings might not actually ever vocalize the thoughts, that they would most likely agree with the sentiment, were they presented the option.  Million respects (adores) them enough that for right now it's enough to know that his favorite uncle obeyed his mama when he was a little boy.  
  • Being an aunt to girls is much harder than being an aunt to boys.  Because I have to fight with the desire to just buy pretty clothes.  I had some really good aunts that gave me good gifts that inspired and empowered me---gifts that told me I was smart and capable and that I could create beautiful things and read beautiful books, with the proper tools and fuel for my imagination.  If I had some nephews, I could just get them manly books about seafaring adventures and a plastic cutlass and tell them to protect the backyard from pirates.  I want my nieces to know that they are so much more than pretty objects, but little girl clothes are so cute.  Sigh.  This is where it helps to have a husband who says "She really wants to be viewed as an object, doesn't she?" after we encounter exterior-focused women.  Michael gives me good reminders. 


  1. Just a thought--couldn't your nieces like books about seafaring adventures?
    -from a formerly seafaring mom of a daughter who desperately wants to be a paleontologist--going on month 18 of the dinosaur obsession

  2. Being inspired is great. I'm sure you'll do this for your niece, just by being you.

    But pretty stuff is also great. Maybe SHE has a colour void that only a dress from aunty H can fill!

    I've given a lot of books to my nieces. But I've also given a few tiaras and tutus in my time. They loved them. And I don't regret it one little bit.

  3. Well, all of your yellow and grey pins inspired my Christmas thank you notes. I'm quite happy with them, so thanks is due to you!