Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food And Teething

I haven't left the house much this week, for a variety of reasons/excuses.


1) Million is cutting four teeth at once.  Behaviorally it's not wise to leave the house.

2) Michael's set a goal/plan to pay off our college debt in a very hardcore fashion this year.  If I don't go out of the house, I don't spend money on gas.  If I don't go out of the house, with teething toddler, I don't spend money on a "sympathy" coffee beverage for myself or caesar chicken wrap from a fast food joint.  We save money.

3) I don't want to go to the effort to scrape the ice off of the van's windshield.

So, I haven't been out of the house much this week.
It's been refreshing.

Since I've been home more and focusing on stretching our budget while still remaining health conscious, I've been searching for recipes in my spare time.

Here are a few I found and tried from Pinterest this week.

One-ingredient ice cream. 
Lemon bar cookie cups (This does not fall in the "health conscious" category.  It falls in the "we ate the whole recipe in two days" category.)
And one I didn't find on Pinterest, but I ended up pinning because we liked it so much. 

Tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to try to post a recipe I created for spinach chicken alfredo pizza (an effort to copy Papa Murphy's while remaining at home).  Michael rated it a 9.99, or 11.  He will never give me a "perfect ten" but said this time (for the first time ever) he could justify giving me an "11".  So I need to remember how I made it so I can make it again---hence the recipe forthcoming tomorrow.  No pictures involved.  We ate without a camera.  just a recipe.

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  1. You know it's good to do this for the babe too every once and a while. I still have times- maybe every 6 months or so- when I know we need to cacoon up again for a few days. The cold weather is a good motivator.......