Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prayers Needed

***Edited to note: I took this post down for about a half an hour this morning, thinking it sounded like I'm ungrateful for his current job.  I'm not.  I am fully aware what it means to have a job---any job---in this economy.

This post is about Michael and his job. And desire for a new one.

Michael works extra hours a lot.
With confused patients who often make his work environment a very unpleasant place to be.

Sometimes it's funny.  Like when Michael said "Good morning!" to a patient, and the patient looked up at him and said in all seriousness, "So, I hear you have a date in hell."

More often than not, lately, it's not been.  He's been caring for the violently combative or s**ually perverted (trying to keep this a family-friendly blog) kind of confused individuals.  For months on end.  He's worked with this type of population for 5-1/2 years.  He goes into work each day knowing that he has to somehow forget what the confused person did to him or said to him the day before.  He has to display God's love and compassion. And he has to deal with the typical work-place drama too.

Then he has to come home and be a husband and daddy who isn't thinking about Nasty Patient #4,927 or Violent Patient #6,792,807.

This.  And a 10-month job search.

Michael has a second interview tomorrow for a different job, and we'd love it if you could pray for him.
But we'd also love it if you prayed for him to be like Christ in his current work situation and to not grow weary of doing good.


  1. praying!! and I love reading your blog. as we enter our stage of waiting not knowing how long it will be, I have thought lots of your waiting and the beautiful example you set. thank you. : )

  2. We will continue to pray, Heather! Both Mark and I are so proud of and encouraged by Michael's attitude and perseverance in his current job and job search.