Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If It Takes All Night

This is a note to say that Michael's second sock will be finished by Christmas if it kills me.
The first year we were dating, I made him an afghan for Christmas.
I lost the pattern halfway through the afghan, and consequently pulled an all-nighter right before giving it to him. (I had to re-do about one-third of the afghan, because there were two almost identical lover's knot afghan patterns floating around on the internet.  This was before blog photography became REALLY popular, and all of the free crochet patterns were just written instructions.)

I might have made him stay out of his living room for an hour or two as I did my final piecework, I was that far behind.
He gave me a Beatles t-shirt and a striped orange men's scarf that Christmas, and that clinched it for me.
I married him, and he married me, despite my craft procrastination.

He can't complain, however.  He's currently the only individual with a present under the tree.  Brown paper package all tied up with strings, no less.  (I have an aunt who dies every time people think that song is a Christmas song.  Really, it wasn't an attempt to reference that song--we're just trying to be more environmentally conscious and budget friendly.)  Million colored the wrapping paper/grocery bag.   

Lest you be impressed, it's not even a "fun" present.  It's a "ha. you got a job and might need some new work clothes...so here is the only thing that fit you at the one thrift store I looked at" kind of present.  But it's there.  It's the only present under the tree! That counts for something.

Okay. Okay.  This was enough procrastination for one night.  Back to my knitting.  
Or I could go take a picture of the afghan I talked about. 
Or Michael's brown paper package.
Or I could have a cup of tea.  
Or I could knit. Sigh.

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  1. Maybe you could multi-task on the knitting project and the cup of tea. :)