Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Day Sledding and A Classy Family Movie

My little snow angel---who, for the record, will likely never have enough snow to suit his fancy.

I also might never have enough dry snow-pants to suit his fancy.

I've been having several "aha!" moments lately.
Like when I realized that I really don't appreciate Tuscan interior decor as much as I previously did.
And when I found out I enjoy the color white more than I thought I did.
(Thank you, Pinterest, for those insights into my deepest, darkest, soul.)

Another "aha!" moment.  I  read several articles about the "miracle" of coconut oil and how it is one of the only natural oils that doesn't require bile to break it down--thus, easing the digestion process, causing less formation of collagen, and also lowering your cholesterol.  It sounds like a hoax, doesn't it?  In any case, those who were proposing this said that coconut oil has the exact properties of butter in a 1:1 ratio while baking.  They claimed you could bake anything with it, and it would turn out.
I'm here to tell you at least THAT part of their claim is false.  I'm not sure about the less collagen; I haven't checked.  But bread made in a bread maker does not turn out tasting right when you make it with coconut oil instead of olive oil.  However, what my family calls Mississippi Mud cookies (a similar recipe to ours found here) DO turn out really well with coconut oil instead of butter, so some more experimentation is required.

And lastly, a "how classy we are" family movie.  Because it's been a while.  Michael references being "interviewed out."  That's life lately.

And please note (or don't note, for that matter) Million grabbing BonAmi's manhood at the beginning.  BonAmi's been a lot more tolerant of Million than we ever imagined.  

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