Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chewing Crushed Glass = Similar to Yesterday

Yesterday was pretty inspiring.

If nothing else, we learned that Million could easily win a SYTYCIS (So You Think Your Child Is Crabby) competition hands down.

Please hand us the prize money right now.

We could use it.

Some thoughts that actually crossed my mind yesterday...

"Wait. Wasn't there supposed to be a honeymoon period in adoption, according to all of the adoption books, where Million actually pretends to like us? If this is the honeymoon then I just can't wait to find out what's next."

"I can't believe I'm a mother failure. I just let my son lick the ice cream cone that I bought in pity for myself because I was crying about him not eating the camouflaged medicine that's so dang expensive."

"I'm glad it's Michael he hated after the immunizations and not me."

"I wish it was Michael he was hating right now and not me."


So glad that each day brings a new start.
Forgiving myself for being human helps.
Forgiving my son for being human also helps.

Flawed humans + other flawed humans = (usually) a messy, complicated life.
And messy and complicated, broken, and failing things almost always are the most beautiful in the end.
I keep telling myself that.

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  1. I would give you the prize money, but then you would get to meet my kids nd you would have to give the prize money back to ME :)